Someday Is Here

Ruthann's War

Cast of Main Characters
Ruthann Cooper
 the new third grade teacher 
in Camden Elementary

received a teaching degree
lost her fiance in the war
worked in a munitions factory
has to move on if she can figure out 
where she's going

Drew Mallory 
the Superintendent of  Schools

widower, father of a daughter Ruthann's age
lives with the leg he almost lost in WW I
sees in Ruthann a life he'd given up  having

Merle Fulton...wealthy, too much time on her hands for her hidden agenda

     Tomás Cabrera...a law student destined to go places, hopefully with the woman he loves

         Gwen Mallory...loves her father but doesn't see Ruthann as part of his life

             Luís Cabrera...who knows the Camden schools inside and out, everybody's go-to man

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