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Four Summer Days


“Mamma, he could’ve killed you! It’s not the first time, and it won’t be the last!”
      “He didn’t.”
      “I could’ve killed him.”
     Her mouth dropped open. “No, Tom! You’re your Papa’s boy. Killing’s not in you.”

    After ten years of his stepfather’s cruelty toward his family, Tom Morgan determines to move his mother and two brothers to Texas where their uncle has offered to help them make a fresh start. Putting together his plans, he makes a bitter discovery: what drove his beloved younger sister Hannah to leave home three years earlier. As he struggles with his hatred and rage, his family’s survival weighs heavily, and he faces unalterable--and unimaginable--decisions.
   Tom’s long life, spanning post-Civil War Arkansas to the aftermath of World War II, is haunted by what he is forced to do during those four July days in 1876. The love of his family, their abiding faith in his commitment to do what’s right for all of them, and the memory of his Papa, who taught him that the measure of a man is his respect for the lives of others as well as his own, helps him live--and die-- with the consequences of his actions.

   Based on an actual family incident, the true circumstances of which are forever lost in time, the author has crafted a story of perseverance and survival. Look for the sequel, Return to Morgan’s Mountain, which brings the family forward to a new generation

Susanna’s Secret

What a pre-release reviewer had to say...

“Her burned hand was nothing compared to the agony of her soul.”

“Now every defense she’d built, every fortification against despair, each watchtower against a silent enemy threatening to tear her family apart – everything was crumbling, and she was helpless to stop it.”

This story was packed with the raw emotions of a woman struggling to come to terms with the many conflicting feelings that were raging within her as she tries to carry on with a secret her husband left her with.  Your heart will ache for Susanna as you follow her journey through life as she tries to decide if she should reveal a truth and risk destroying her family, or continue keeping the secret as the turmoil in her soul is destroying her.  As I read this story I wondered if she would be able to trust love enough as she comes face to face with the truth….and would I do the same thing had I been in Susanna’s situation.


Judy Nickles has managed to capture the true essence of a mother’s love from beginning to end in this western saga centered around a family secret.  Truly an enjoyable read!