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The Showboat Affair


     After dinner, they strolled along the deck outside the dining room. The massive paddlewheel churned up the water as the ship glided on through the darkness. “I wonder what it was really like to live on a showboat and perform for audiences up and down the Mississippi,” Jean mused.

     “For all it looks romantic and carefree on film, I imagine it was a hard life.”

     “They couldn’t act forever, I suppose.”

     “No, real life had to catch up with them eventually.”

     Jean snuggled into the warmth of Nick’s arm. “Do you like your life, Nick?”

When a friend suggested a trip to Branson, Missouri, local author Judy Nickles didn’t think much of the idea. Too far, too expensive, too much traffic in an unfamiliar place. However, at the friend’s insistence that she’d love it, she gave in and went along.

The last night of their stay, they took a dinner-show cruise on ‘The Branson Belle’. After a delightful evening on board the ‘Belle’, Judy mentioned to her friend that the showboat would make an excellent setting for a novel. “I’ll write The Showboat Murders,” she said. Horrified, the friend replied, “Oh, no, not murders--affairs!” And so a book was born.

A very touching story for anyone who has ever experienced divorce, being widowed, remarried, the loss of a partner, and understands what it takes to start at the bottom and climb back up. (From a pre-release review)


Judy Nickles, writing as Gwyneth Greer, has made the first chapter available on her website ( on the Excerpts page. The Showboat Affair is available from The Wild Rose Press (, Barnes and,, Digibooks Café (, as well as signed copies from the author via website contact form.



Judy Nickles is a retired teacher who finally has time to pursue her life-long dream of writing for publication. She is the author of two other books from The Wild Rose Press (Where Is Papa’s Shining Star? and Finding Papa’s Shining Star, and has a fourth novel based on the bordello-turned-visitor center in Ft. Smith, Arkansas, contracted by Champagne Books for release in 2012. She believes that stories are everywhere and wishes she had time to write all of them. She is available for speaking engagements and writing workshops for all ages.


Dancing with Velvet



            In the waning days of the Great Depression, Celeste Riley wonders if life will always be the same: going to work, coming home to keep house for her widowed father who ignores her. She clings to her married sister, Coralee, and the recurring dream of a blue velvet curtain and a faceless lover who beckons her beyond it.

            Then a blue velvet dress in the window of a local department store seems to promise the change in her life she so desperately longs for. When she dances in the arms of traveling salesman Kent Goddard at the Roof Garden, she is sure she has found the man of her dreams and is crushed when he disappears from her life.

            Soon after Pearl Harbor propels the United States into war, he returns in uniform as a student at the new bombardier training school. A wartime separation threatens their deepening relationship, and Celeste realizes that what she doesn’t know about the man of her dreams may become her worst nightmare.


For local author Judy Nickles, growing up in her West Texas hometown, World War II was still very much part of the fabric of everyone’s life. Most of her friends’ fathers had gone to war--and some hadn’t come home. But there were happier memories, too. She listened to her parents recount evenings spent dancing at the Roof Garden of the St. Angelus Hotel and remembers their enigmatic smiles.


Like so many other historic structures, the hotel was demolished to make room for a modern bank. The bombardier training school where her father had been stationed became the local airport. But remembering the town as she had known it growing up, she knew a story lurked in the now-quiet downtown streets.


She enlisted the help of a local newspaper columnist to find people who still remembered the hotel and the dance pavilion. It took him four separate columns to share all their memories, which were then incorporated into Dancing with Velvet, a story of love and loss and survival during one of the most tragic eras of the twentieth century.


            “…a delightful page turner…loved this uplifting story…” says one reviewer.


Judy Nickles, who also writes as Gwyneth Greer, has made the first chapter available and a video trailer available on her website, The book is available in digital and print form from and


A retired teacher who has more stories to write than time to write them, Judy has three other full-length novels available The Wild Rose Press: Where Is Papa’s Shining Star?, Finding Papa’s Shining Star, and The Showboat Affair. The Face on Miss Fanny’s Wall is available as an eBook from Champagne Books and Amazon.


Susanna's Secret


“We have to forgive both of them—and forgive ourselves,” Susanna continued. “What they did is no worse than what we’ve felt—however strange that may sound. I’m going to Ft. Worth and what I’m taking with me inside. . .” She touched her heart briefly. “What I’m taking with me, I don’t want to bring back.” 


A long distance writing friend was adamant: submit something NOW. So local author Judy Nickles pulled out a half-forgotten ‘short’, dutifully polished it, and half-reluctantly sent it off to Solstice Publishing which had put out a call for ‘summer shorts’ of 15K words. Susanna’s Secret is scheduled for release on June 28 with pre-sales available on Amazon a week before.


A wonderful story of family, love, and forgiveness. A reminder that forgiveness is truly needed for complete healing of the soul. Judy's writing is a joy to experience!                                                             ~Teresa (Pre-release review)


Visit Judy’s website ( for more reviews and information.

She shares a variety of facts and fables three times a week at The Word Place Blog.



Judy Nickles has four full-length novels with The Wild Rose Press. A fifth, Ruthann’s War, is under contract for release in 2017. She has indie-published the six-book Penelope Pembroke Cozy Mystery Series, the three-book romantic suspense Dreamland Series, two books of short stories, and a stand-alone novel. Her work has appeared in several print anthologies and ezines.

She is a retired teacher who, upon flying in a B-24 Liberator built the year she was born (though it never saw action in WWII), decided she is finally having her adolescent rebellion 50+ years