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  Judy Nickles has been spinning tales since she could hold a #2 pencil. When bad weather threatened, her elementary teachers called on her to tell stories to keep the other students from focusing on the storm clouds outside. For better or worse, she still hangs on to the faded copies of her own1950’s era parodies of the popular television show Dragnet: Fishnet, Hairnet, and Butterfly Net, and most of the essays, stories, and poems she wrote in junior high and high school.  Later, she wrote The Big Valley ‘fan fiction’ for an online site.

   Where Is Papa’s Shining Star?, Finding Papa’s Shining Star, Ruthann's War, and Dancing with Velvet were published in print and also as ebooks by The Wild Rose Press (voted Best Book Publisher for the fifth time in 2012 in the Readers’ Poll for Preditors and Editors). All of her books, including those published independently are found on Amazon.

   In addition, she’s been published in History Magazine, My First Year in the Classroom (Adams Media), The Harsh and The Heart: Celebrating the Military (Silver Boomers Books), The Storyteller Magazine, and Christmas Bells, Christmas Tales (Dancing with Bear Publishing).

   A genealogist for over 30 years, Judy believes that stories are everywhere and wishes she had time to write all of them. Her writing philosophy is “Shred the rejection, take a second look, rewrite, and resubmit.”

   Her favorite possession is her Kindle Fire. She is having her adolescent rebellion 50+ years late and recently took a ride in a vintage B-24 bomber built the year she was born during the war (that’s WW II for all you youngsters out there).


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  • Vintage romance (WWI-the Fifties)

  • Romantic Suspense

  • Cozy Mysteries

Real people in real situations--but good clean reads!


  • ·Older readers who can relate to the life experiences of the characters

  • Readers looking for a story without graphic sex and language

  • Younger readers interested in learning about 'back in the day'

  • Readers who like nostalgia and happily-ever-after


  • World War I and II

  • Rehabilitation of war injuries in the post-war period

  • The Roaring Twenties

  • The Great Depression

  • Second-time around romances

  • Showboats

  • Resort Hotels

  • Branson, MO

  • Ft. Smith AR

  • Career choices for women in the late nineteenth-early twentieth centuries

  • Entertainment in the 20s, 30s, 40s

  • Wartime rationing

  • Hotel ballrooms

  • History of Hot Springs AR in the ‘gangster era’

  • The Gangster Museum in Hot Springs AR

  • The Ohio Club in Hot Springs AR

  • Gambling casinos

  • Prohibition/bootlegging

  •  Al Capone

  • Haunted Houses

  •  Town squares

  • Architecture found in towns established in the nineteenth century


  • Young military widows starting over

  • Post-war era

  • War injuries

  • Survivor’s guilt

  • Struggling small towns

  • Scams and fraud

  • Tourism to bolster small town economies

  • Current resort destinations

  • Inheritance and divorce laws

  • Western drama

  • Second chances

  • PTSD

  • Mental and physical challenges


All books available through Amazon


Where Is Papa’s Shining Star? ©2008 Cover Art:  Rae Monet ISBN-1-60154-674-2 ASIN: B003F24GZK 270 pp.

Finding Papa’s Shining Star ©2009Cover Art:  Rae Monet ISBN 1-60154-695-5 ASIN: B003H05XZC 322 pp.

Dancing with Velvet©2012 Cover Art:  Tina Lynn Stout Print ISBN 978-1-61217-199-9 Digital ISBN 978-1-61217-200-2 ASIN: B0085W25Z8 300 pp.

Ruthann’s War©2016 Print ISBN:  978-1-5092-1140-1 Digital ISBN: 978-1-5092-1141-8 ASIN:  B01N03DS0A 277 pp.


The Bogus Biker©2013 ISBN 10: 1484833465 ISBN 13: 978-1484833469 ASIN: B00E0TV538

The Stubborn Schoolhouse Spirit ©2013 ISBN 10: 1490443096 ISBN 13: 978-1490443096 ASIN: B00E9IN7Q8

The Feed Store Floozy ©2013 ISBN 10: 1490504281 ISBN 13: 978-1490504285 ASIN: B00EGDA7TG

The Possum Hollow Hullabaloo ©2013 ISBN 10: 1490515402 ISBN 13: 978-1490515403 ASIN: B00ENHAVE6

The Larcenous Legacy©2013 ISBN 10: 1490539018 ISBN 13: 978-1490539010 ASIN: B00EXXDV1A

Sam’s Last Stand©2013 ISBN 10: 1490539298 ISBN 13: 978-1490549294 ASIN: B00F1G8L5O

Lethal Legacy in Dreamland©2015 ASIN: B014VBNFBE 220 pp.

Desperate Deception in Dreamland©2015 ASIN:  B014VCCQMC 190 pp.

Ghostly Gambit in Dreamland©2015 ASIN: B014VCDA68 190 pp.

The Penelope Pembroke Cozy Mystery Series Boxed Set ASIN: B00KPJ20C2

A Very Kate Christmas©2014  ASIN: B00Q913MJA ISBN:  1494370034

Four Summer Days ASIN: B018R0IKSI 142pp. 


My First Year in the Classroom©2009 Adams Media ISBN-10: 1605506540 ISBN-13: 978-1605506548 224 pp.

The Harsh and the Heart©2011 Silver Boomer Books ASIN: B006P5BXT6 242pp.

‘Tis the Season©2008