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My Favorite Quotes from Ruthann's War

  We just thought the war was over, but it's not. We'll live with it for the rest of our lives.

   If he doesn't leave soon, I'm going to have to hide from those eyes somewhere. I've never seen eyes quite so blue and so deep. I think I'm drowning in them. 

   "Don't get any ideas about my father, Miss Cooper. He was devoted to my mother."

   "That's true, but when you're a boy of twelve caught reading poetry..."

   "Sit down and tell all. Honestly, can't I leave for a weekend without you getting into trouble?"

   "It can be a good thing, you know. Other people having your back, so to speak."

   "I guess I feel guilty because at some point I just stopped grieving for him."

   I can't do this. I fought my war. It's over, and I'm not going to fight another one. 
   "You'll fight many battles in your life unless, of course, you manage to live in total isolation."

   "I never thought I presented a dashing figure, even when I had two good legs."

   "Mainly I wanted to have enough to eat and shoes to wear in the winter. And a good coat."

   "My intentions toward you. Were they honorable or dishonorable? Of course, I admitted to the latter."

   "Maybe that's what worries me. Maybe I didn't love him enough."

   "And you want me to be your Joan of Arc? I've already been burned enough, don't you think?"

   "Oh, I'm not so old I couldn't give you a child. I'm not sure how old is too old for that. But being a father is entirely different."

   "You walked straight into a brand new war, didn't you?"
   "Life is risky. War is worse."

   "When I said I didn't want to fight any more, I was wrong. You're worth fighting for. The two of us together are worth fighting for."

   "I'm tearing up your contract. You're going home."

   "I didn't ask you to love me either."

   "I had to live long enough to love you. That's all that matters now."

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