Vintage Romance-Romantic Suspense-Cozy Mystery

From The Wild Rose Press
   A wealthy businessman, blinded in the first World War, falls in love with the woman he hires as his personal assistant during the Depression—and finds her secrets may destroy their chance at happiness.

  Book 1 of 2 in the Shining Star Series

   A young woman makes a hasty wartime marriage and discovers her husband’s unexpected link to her past may cost her life

Book 2 in the Shining Star Series


   Celeste believes she's met the man of her dreams under the twinkling lights of the Roof Garden, but what she doesn't know about the handsome young bombardier may turn out to be her worse nightmare. 

Dancing with Velvet

   Nick and Jean have found a second chance at love, and now they find themselves running for their lives.

The Showboat Affair 

Indie Pubs
   For newly-widowed Trixie Blake, the road ends in tiny Dreamland, Arkansas, but can she survive what’s waiting for her there?

Lethal Legacy in Dreamland


   Trixie doesn't mind Al Capone's ghost hanging around her building--it's what he left behind underneath it that threatens her!

Desperate Deception in Dreamland

   Scared to death—can it really happen? Trixie may find out. But will she live to tell the tale?

Ghostly Gambit in Dreamland


Boxed set coming back soon...

Book 1 is ALWAYS 99 cents!

    What’s a toe-the-line type like Penelope Pembroke doing with  a mystery man who comes and goes from Amaryllis, Arkansas,  usually leaving murder and mayhem in his wake?


All books available separately.

Book 1 is ALWAYS 99 cents! 

   A baby's weak cry draws a passing ranch hand to a deserted line shack that bitter cold Christmas of 1880.

   A Very Kate Christmas chronicles ten special Christmases of the 100 Dr. Katherine Bancroft Forrester will see in her long lifetime. 

   Ten stand-alone stories perfect for reading alone or aloud.

A Very Kate Christmas

These are stories about journeys: 
     Abby, who fled to nowhere and still was found
    Sandra, who kept a promise on Normandy Beach
    Roy, who flew high but landed where he began
    Cecelia, who wanted a new life
    Carrie, who retraced steps long forgotten
    Emmalee, who took a chance on a stranger
    Berit, who gave up going anywhere
    J.J., who found roots he never knew he had
    Kitty, who chased a dream in the wrong direction
    Emily, who came home and found the end of the rainbow
and a few poems 
about other journeys..

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