About the Author
Judy Moore Nickles

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What I Write

~vintage romance (1930s,1940s,1950s)
~romantic suspense
~cozy mystery
~shorts stories in those genres

My Characters

~real people dealing with real life
~people with challenges both mental and physical
~young and older folks

My Themes

~second chances
~finding oneself

What You Won't Read

~gratuitous profanity
~graphic sex scenes
~dark without light and hope

Who I Am

~Texas gal retired in Arkansas
~vintage WW II baby
widow since age 34
~mother of two grown sons
~grandmother of 5
~solo traveler
~intrepid researcher
~adventurer having adolescent rebellion 50+ years late!

Other Facts You Might Find Interesting (or not)

~fulfilled lifelong ambition of flying in a WW II era plane, a B24, which never actually saw action but shared my birth year!
~love taking "ghost tours" when I visit an historical city--never saw a ghost and don't expect to see one, but soak up the history you won't find in books
~have actually knocked on doors of perfect strangers while doing genealogical research in my ancestral haunts
~current project: "digging up" a homeless wanderer in my hometown who died in 1937--and made front page news in the local paper!