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Introducing four NEW publications:
Two full length novels
Two short reads
Introducing four NEW publications:
Two full length novels
Two short reads

Fill your mind and heart with stories of love, hope, courage, and second chances.

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    The lives of an entire family depend on the decisions Tom Morgan makes during those four sweltering July days in 1876. Every year for the rest of his life, he’ll remember and wonder if he did enough. (Based on a true story I heard as a child and researched as an adult.)

  Four Summer Days 

This story was so beautifully written and so carefully executed. From the very first, I just could not bring myself to stop reading more. The way she so seamlessly wove the story together through generations of family was so heartwarming and at timesheartwrenching. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this book. 
5 stars from Courtney

    World War II has ended, but now Ruthann faces a new fight for her future with a man she never meant to love.

Ruthann's War

...I couldn't put it down. Not that it was a huge mystery story because it wasn't; it was a sweet love story that seemed impossible from the beginning...

5 stars from Mylady

Susanna always knew the truth about her husband, but she stuck by him while he built an unrivaled ranching empire. She built a family, but then he died and left her with the secret now threatening to tear apart that family forever. 

Susanna's Secret

A wonderful story of family, love, and forgiveness. A true reminder that forgiveness is truly needed for complete healing of the soul. Judy's writing is a joy to experience!                                                       

Unposted - Teresa

Gail has lost the only two people who ever loved her for herself. Sid lost himself before he ever knew who he was. Can a chance meeting on a showboat excursion give them both a second chance?

The Showboat Reunion

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