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If you like your romance not too sweet, not too spicy, and full of authentic settings and situations, you'll enjoy the books by Judy Nickles, also writing as Gwyneth Greer.

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The first book of The Penelope Pembroke Cozy Mystery Series

The Bogus Biker

The first book of The Dreamland Series

Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland

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Now is the perfect time to get acquainted with Penelope, Jake, Mary Lynn, Harry, Miss Maude Pendleton, Abijah the cat, the mysterious Sam, and all the other residents of Amaryllis, AR
as well as
Trixie, Rudy, Mitch, Miss Stella and Miss Letha, Danny Jefferson, Chief Doug Everton, Hetty Green,  and--of course, the ghost of  Al Capone
in Dreamland AR
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Interviews with Abijah the Cat
Tiny the Biker aka Sam

 The Friday Five blogs are now archived (through January) as PDFs for download.

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Murder Offstage: A Posie Parker Mystery

L.D. Hathaway

Woman Behind Stained Glass: West Texas Pioneers

Dana Glossbrenner

Slave Graves

Thomas Hollyday

Shattered Vows

Linda LaRoque

A Christmas Reunion

Donna Hatch

The Stranger

Chris Martin

Train of Thought: A Short Story Collection

Lori Robinett

The Visionary

Pamela S. Thibodeaux

One Night in Tehran

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The Candle Star

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Ghosts of Denton:

The history of the mysteries in a small Texas town

Shelly Tucker  

Haunted Estill County (Haunted Kentucky Book)

Rebecca Patrick-Howard

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