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If you like your romance not too sweet, not too spicy, and full of authentic settings and situations, you'll enjoy the books by Judy Nickles, also writing as Gwyneth Greer.


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Tell Me That You Love Me
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This Time Forever

Linda Swift

This Time Forever is an historical romance full of feisty heroines: Clarissa, who married for money, Angeline, her sister, who thinks she should do the same, and Polly, a slave, who dares to claim her humanity. Enter dashing, dutiful heroes: Philip, who turned his back on the lucrative family business to practice medicine, and Devon, who refuses to let his poverty and lack of education define his character. Always, there’s the particularly churlish villain: Malcom, who doesn’t let marriage interfere with his carnal pleasures or allow duty to family and country keep him from saving his own skin. A larger number of supporting characters are well-crafted and integrated into the story.

Set in the bloody conflict of the Civil War, the novel parallels the lives of the characters from both North and South and unites them in a larger battle of hearts and minds. Despite the long time span within the novel, the author makes skillful use of dialogue, letters, and meticulously-researched historical narrative to keep the action moving at a satisfactory pace. There are enough explicit passages to satisfy readers who look for them but few enough not to offend or discourage the reader who prefers to skim through the same.

This Time Forever receives a five-star rating and recommendation from the reviewer.


Ghosts of Denton:

The history of the mysteries in a small Texas town

Shelly Tucker  

   Any town that boasts a grave on the courthouse lawn ought to have a ghost or two. Denton, Texas has many! Ghosts, that is. Author Shelly Tucker claims, "People come to Denton and never want to leave...ever!" This book contains a fraction of the ghost stories told in the area.   Established in 1857, this frontier town was wild and rambunctious. Denton has been home to some colorful and quirky characters over the years, and legends claim that some remain in the afterlife. Within the covers of this book, you will find tales of the Goat Man at Old Alton Bridge, a ghostly hooligan, and a librarian who never "checked out." There is the tale of the sheriff who protects and serves the community from beyond the grave, and of the outlaw Sam Bass, whose spirit still roams the streets. Find stories of Nurse Betty tending patients from the afterlife, a theater manager who can't leave his job, a Texas hero (who survived The Massacre at Goliad to die in a Denton fire) still searching for his gold, and the spirit of John Denton protecting the town that bears his name Read the stories with an open mind. They are interwoven with the fascinating history of this small Texas town. After reading it, Denton will never look the same in the daylight.


Haunted Estill County (Haunted Kentucky Book)

Rebecca Patrick-Howard

A baby cries in a dark cave on one of the county’s tallest mountains, UFOs hover in the sky, thundering hoof beats surround visitors outside of an old farm house, Native Americans chant into the night, dark shadow people loom around store corners, and Civil War soldiers fight a battle that continues to this day. As arguably one of the most haunted counties in Kentucky, Estill County is home to a range of ghosts, spirits, angels, and demons that haunt and terrorize locals and visitors alike. Haunted Estill County investigates the stories and histories of some of the county’s most terrifying locations. Local legends, murder mysteries, and tales of the paranormal are all explored in this spellbinding collection which is sure to keep you up at night. Truth really can be stranger than fiction.

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