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Susanna's Secret

In a moment of loss and crushing despair, she struck a deceptive bargain with her husband to protect his name as he built his Texas empire. Years later, when he was gone in a hail of bullets, it came back to haunt her in ways she never imagined. Now she must strip away the hatred which has festered over a lifetime before it destroys her. But will the truth, reborn like the Phoenix, sever the carefully forged bonds between herself and her children?  Susanna feels fenced in and ripe for slaughter like the longhorns beyond her window. Damn you, Nathan Kingsley! Damn you for what you did! Damn you for dying and leaving me with the mess you made!

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Susanna's Secret

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Susanna's Secret

I have been a fan of Ms Nickles books for a long time, I love her writing skills. This book is no exception, "Susanna's Secret" kept me spell-bound to the last page.      ~Paula

Susanna’s Secret is centered around a wife who has followed her husband to Texas to help him chase his dream. This poignant short story is about a woman who battles her own hurtful feelings with those she knows to be right. She has a deep understanding of how bitterness can not only damage one’s self respect, but can also affect the lives of those around her. By choosing kindness and forgiveness, she discovers healing for herself and her family.I always enjoy books by Judy Nickles. Her characters and plots are realistic and believable. It is refreshing to read stories with characters that have integrity even though they are faced with disappointments and trials.   ~Melinda

A wonderful story of family, love, and forgiveness. A true reminder that forgiveness is truly needed for complete healing of the soul. Judy's writing is a joy to experience!    ~Teresa

 Although this is a "short story", a lot is packed into only a few words.  Nickles weaves a tale of of the scoundrel Nathan Kinglsey, his wife Susanna, who is left to clean up his mess after he is murdered.   This is a beautifully told compelling story of the damage we do to ourselves when we allow ourselves to carry anger, hurt and resentment and the healing power of forgiveness.  ~Cookie

So much emotion  from start to finish the hurt form losing her child and being asked to tend another’s. Watching him grow up and fitting in in a way she could not have thought of when he first came. To try and keep a secret that was not of your doing, then to one day have it all come tumbling down and to wonder if telling will tear your family apart or worse they just  half live. Never fully as a family.In a way they all had the chance to be reborn and start their lives anew.  ~Cyn 

Judy Nickles has hit it out of the ballpark with Susanna's Secrets.  This quick read pulled me in from the first page and kept me up late.  This clean story is full of family secrets and surprises.Please don't delay- read this now.  You will be glad you did.   ~Debbie

 Reading about the West is one of my favorite types of books to read. I don't mean the cowboy shoot'em up western, I mean the real west. Where our American ancestors trail blazed the unchartered territories of the West. Traveling on wagon trains before the invention of the railroad. These were truly the bravest of Americans; both men and women who seeked out the unknown and  conquered it. 

The story of Susannah is about such a woman. She worked hard along side her husband, seeking out a life for herself and her children.

The book opens with a very pregnant Susannah saying good bye to her husband as he leaves for one of his many business trips. Her husband, Nathan promises to be back in a few weeks, but she knows he won't. Nathan has always stayed away longer than he promises. Although Susannah isn't worried for herself or her children, she is worried for her unborn child.

I won't tell you the rest because it will spoil it, but suffice it to say it is about the true courage of one woman against almost impossible odds and the love of innocence and the acceptance of angels among us. Susannah wins the fierce respect and love of her children and she will win yours.   ~Joyce

Susannah's Secret is a fast paced tale of human failings and triumphs. It typifies how courage and compassion in the face of adversity works to the advantage of all. The characters are so believable through their human failings but rise above their selfish interests. Readers who have wanted, birthed, raised, or lost a child can especially connect with Susannah and her choices which is what good reads do by pulling us into the story with our emotions.   ~Georgia

What really happened on Morgan's Mountain that hot summer day in 1876?

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But when I stood on the mountain almost 150 years later, I found  no answers . .only ruins among a silent sea of daffodils which would keep the secret forever.

So, of course, I wrote

Four Summer Days

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