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Lethal Legacy in Dreamland

What’s the ghost of Al Capone doing in tiny Dreamland, Arkansas? Trixie Blake’s not sure she wants to find out.

She barely remembers her hometown. The grandfather who left her a building on the antiquated town square is an even vaguer memory. But newly-widowed and at loose ends, Trixie treks to Dreamland to see what's what. It takes less than twenty-four hours to find out about a shadowy development company's plans to take over most of downtown for some vague new business. That is, if they can persuade the three hold-outs to throw in the towel and move on. When Trixie decides to become number four in the coalition of stay-puts, her precarious situation deteriorates rapidly.

She faces a series of threats which the police chief won’t take seriously. Can she trust attorney Mitch Langley, whose father Guy is accepted as being behind the downtown takeover? Will Danny Jefferson, a young man who doesn’t let his Down syndrome define him, be able to lend her some of his courage and determination? Or will Trixie follow her gut instincts to get the heck out of Dodge before it’s too late?

When she digs in her heels and announces plans to turn the second floor of her inherited vintage building into a tea room and gift shop, it’s a recipe for disaster, which includes murder. But Trixie’s not backing off. In the process, she finds the beginning of healing for her broken heart--and also some unsettling information about her own identity.

The end of the story is only the beginning. Follow Trixie and company through two more books, Desperate Deception in Dreamland and Ghostly Gambit in Dreamland, also available at Amazon.



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I enjoyed reading this, a cozy mystery with just enough danger to make me worry about Trixie but not enough to keep me from sleeping. The characters and dialogue were natural and believable, with the possible exception of the villains, who don't have even the slightest trace of good in them. I look forward to reading more about Trixie and Mitch. Without giving any spoilers, I like where their relationship ended in this book.

(Actually there more reviews until I changed the cover and the title!)

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